Mess Hall Penang, Lebuh King

It's been a while since I last posted my signature coffee sniffing pose, so here's one to feed your eyes!
You're welcome.
Located in King Street, just few doors down Heaven Gate
this place used to be The Sire Restaurant.
Before visiting this place, thanks to the word 'mess', I imagined to step into a mess.
Don't let the word 'mess' to mess with your head, 
as Mess Hall is actually the dining hall for army.
With that as their concept, you will see some army-related elements all over the cafe.
Tried to look adventurous by putting on the helmet that reminds me of the movie 'Up',
posed with the 50 year old vintage bike but ended up looking like Crazy Frog.
More space at the back of the cafe, all attentions go to this
iconic military aircraft and wall of growing greens.
I heard it's very romantic at night but I'm contented with the beaming sunlight.
There's a mini art exhibition upstairs with art pieces for sale, guests can choose to dine here as well.
Offering an affordable and wide range of selections, they're serving fusion,
Western and Asian delights. There is definitely something for everyone.
Wild Mushroom Soup [RM9.90]
A creamy one consisted of 3 types of mushrooms, I find it a little bit sweet but palatable.

Homemade Tortilla with Special Hummus Dip [RM15]
Love the tortillas as they are thick, crunchy yet soft in between! 
Oh and the hummus dip was creamy finger lickin' good!
Save up to 67% when you buy their deal on Groupon.
Hurry, for limited time only!
Grilled Salmon [RM32]
Only available for dinner, salmon was infused with lemongrass
and grilled to golden brown perfection drizzled with lemon butter sauce.
What's more to love about this is the inside was medium rare so it was
 a combination of crunchy and soft. Sided with steamed potatoes and grilled greens,
 this is definitely highly recommended! 
Authentic Tomyam Noodle [RM8.90]
Spicy and sour, this is absolutely a catch as it comes with generous amount
of seafood including squid, abalone slices, crabsticks, prawns and mushrooms.
 Aglio Olio [RM12.90]
The classic with sauteed garlic and chili flakes, sided with a piece of bruschetta.

Royal Curry Chicken [RM14.90]
I find it very spicy at first which later discovered to be quite addictive.
Very flavorful one that reminded me of ayam rendang, comes with a bowl of tomyam soup.
Seafood al Pomodoro [RM15.90]
Tomato based spaghetti topped with scallop, mussel and button mushrooms.
Stew Drunken Chicken [RM14.90]
Tasty bowl of chicken herbal soup and comes with a bowl of rice, 
the only bummer was that the chicken was not drunk. Get it?
Mix Flower Tea [RM13]
Light and refreshing, rather a unique one with rose and 3 types of chamomile flowers.
Caramel Macchiato [RM10]
Latte [RM10] | English Toffee Latte [RM11] | Hazelnut Caffe Latte [RM11]
Opt for the latte if you prefer stronger coffee aroma as the other two were lighter.
Personally think the English toffee was not distinctive enough to stand out.
Why is there only one picture for 3 drinks you might ask? Cause they looked the same.
Frappe Green Tea Latte [RM13]
Absolutely a must-try if you love green tea frappe with the right amount of sweetness!
Bodum cups are simply adorable! And kinda pricey too unfortunately.
Frappe Vanilla Blue Sky [RM13]
Ordered this out of curiosity, as 'blue sky' is a dreamy happy place to me.
It tasted exactly like the rainbow ice-cream from Paddle Pop!
Marble Cheesecake [RM10] | Coffee Cheesecake [RM10]
Not too cheesy and not too sweet, love the coffee one for the harmonious blend of
both cheese and coffee without any of those masking each other.
They're running a 3-course-meal deal at only RM58 for 2! See deal here.
Before you leave, be sure to check out their merchandise corner
stocks with military essentials. No tank tho.
I picked this mask thinking it would make me look threatening but I looked emo instead.
Somebody looking really scary with that black mask
All geared up for war.
Bet you can't recognize which is me and which is Enqvist
We can totally rob 7-11 for all the slurpees now!
I'm not a very good role model, am I?
A groupie with the bosses; Oh you can visit the House of Yeap Chor Ee Musuem
with the entrance fee of RM10 only, it's opened during weekdays.
Huge thanks to Mess Hall for hosting, this sweet girl Dorothy for arranging
and Jinni for helping with my narcissistic shots!
Mess Hall
Opening hours
Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday 10am - 10pm
Friday and Saturday 10am - 11pm
Closed on Monday
4, Lebuh King, 10200 Penang
04-261 0019 | 018-370 3378

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