Silly Epiphany #3

It's the end of the year and the past few days were pretty gloomy for me.
While I deal with life, I thought of lighten up myself,
and whoever is reading with one last Silly Epiphany post for 2014.

#1. Good Girl Jane
Stumbled upon a 'Peter and Jane' book and found out that Jane isn't racist.
Setting a great example since young, you go girl!

#2. Karen has a miserable life
Was playing Caption This with the girls and we come to the conclusion that
Karen was the underpaid Indonesian maid who had to take care of the retard 
who is always playing with her giraffah.

#3. How much do you love me?
No idea how did we come up with the idea, but le boyfriend was suggesting
that he give me his ATM card so that I could buy whatever I want with it.
Recalling that I often have less than RM10 in my bank account, 
I thought of checking with him if the money in his bank account is sufficient
to buy a McChicken set(during happy hours). And that's how I justified
how much affection he has for me. Spicy Chicken McDeluxe is the best.

#4. It wasn't me, it was the echo
I personally think I'm quite funny sometimes. 
Well, only sometimes, and only 'quite'. 
Most people find it annoying, but at least I tried.


  1. boyfriend huh....hmm....
    i miss peter n jane book....feel silly when i study that during kid

    1. you already know what kesi kesi :P it's a very boring series of books, but fundamental for kids. 'This is Peter. This is Jane. Peter is a boy and Jane is a girl.'

  2. lol i think you are only being humorous with your "le boyfriend" =p
    whats peter and jane? i think i only know tarzan and jane! hahahhaha

    1. No leh I was dead serious! We both love Spicy Chicken McDeluxe :D
      WHAT?! What did you read when you were young?? Peter and Jane is like.. a boring series of book every kids had to read leh