Silly Epiphany #2

  1. I've gotten this too many times. People often asked me why don't I smoke,
    and they instantly told me that I'm a good person just because I don't smoke.
    Truth is, I can't afford cigarette. And isn't it irritating when people label smokers
    as 'bad person'? Sickening.

  2. Don't expect me to approve your friend request when you have
    car/cat/dog/anime character/UBAH bird/celebrity/baby as your profile picture.
    I don't know who you are and I don't think I want to be friends with a car!
    Unless you're Bumblebee, then we're cool.

  3. I have low blood pressure and I'm thinking, if I were to get angry more often,
    will my blood pressure go back to normal without taking any medication?
    I wouldn't say it's easier but it definitely is a cheaper cure.

  4. My brother downloaded Game of Thrones months ago but I wasn't interested to watch it.
    So last week, when I finally wanted to watch it, I couldn't recall the name of the series.
    In my head it went 'What is the series with dragon and boobs ahh?'.
    I burst out laughing in my room. C'mon, it's funny.  
    Oh and not to forget butts too


  1. meh...
    BTW...i'm cant afford to smoke too...

    1. You aiyer the butt is it? :P I would rather spend my money on a cup of latte than cigarette lo