Dream Trip to Macau

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I have been talking about visiting Macau since many years ago, but it just never happened.
Failed to convince my parents, spent all my money on my Euro trip last year.
2014 has been a cuti-cuti Malaysia year for me*sigh*
If I were given the opportunity, or even better, a paid trip to Macau,
these are what I want to do:
1. Visit The Ruins of St. Paul's
 Since I was small, my mom told me there are uncountable steps leading up
and it's tiring to complete all the steps to reach this place.
I just found out on Wiki that there are only 66 steps.... I got cheated for so many years!
Anyway, although I have really low stamina, 66 steps are definitely not an issue
and look at the green views along the way! Totally worth the 'work out'.
 2. Visit Macau Tower
Picture courtesy of AJ Hackett
And of course, how can I not do bungy jump from the tower!
It's the world's highest bungy jump! God I just love this kinda adrenaline rush.
3. Visit Venetian Macau
Not to gamble, I know nothing about gambling.
All because of those colorful houses on water, canals and gondolas!
And also because it's the largest casino in the world.
This reminded me of my trip to Venice back in 2011.
Miss the gondolier who refused to sing during the gondola ride,
but I forgive him cause he's kinda hot.
I'm drooling while staring at these yummy Portuguese tarts and pork bun!

Now drool wait no more as Nuffnang and Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO)
are sending 3 nuffnangers to a 3D2N all-expenses paid trip to Macau!

How? It's easy peasy lemon squeezy!

1. Write a blog post with the title - Dream Trip to Macau
2. Write about the 3 Most Amazing Things that makes you want to visit Macau
and why they should send you to your dream city.
You can share your past experiences in Macau(positive ones)
including at least 2 elements of below:
- Event & Festivals
- Food
- UNESCO Heritage Sites
- Tourism Product
- Entertainment

Winners are required to post their experience as well as blogging about the trip
during/after the trip and share it on social media platform
to create better awareness of the campaign,

Here are some DON'TS you should avoid:
- Talk about gambling and casinos
- Negative experiences you had previously
- Not mentioning of other destinations. Hong Kong and China are acceptable
but don't dwell in it as the focus should be Macau

3. Publish your blog post and post the URL in the comment section
in this link by November 23 11:59pm.

The Perks
- There's no need to apply for Visa(for Malaysians)
- Direct flight from KL to Macau, there are 17 flights available weekly
- Transportation is easily accessible
- Savour different cuisines during the trip such as Macanese,
Portuguese, Chinese and International
- Enjoy fun events and festivals during your trip
- Fun entertainments such as live shows and
adventurous activities(bungy jump FTW) are available

This contest is open to Nuffnang Malaysia bloggers only.
Log onto this link for more info and T&C.

You can also check out Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) below.

Fingers-crossed to all participants!


  1. before i saw nuffnang...i thought u get sponsor time....anyhow...fingers-cross to you!

    1. siapalah aku to get sponsored HAHAHA. Thank you ahh