Paper Pepper Postcard & Cafe

To me, postcard is one of the most thoughtful gifts you receive.
It's pretty, with short and sweet messages from people who matters.
Located next to Sip & Chew, replacing the previous De Yard cafe,
this place catches attention with their unique idea of future mail.
This kinda reminds me of the movie PS I Love You.
Write a postcard, whether to your family, friend, crush, the other half.
Schedule a date to deliver it, be it a week, a month, a year or a decade from now.
 Cause nobody knows what would happen tomorrow, or even the next second.

I would write one for the future me, jotting down the goals I want to achieve.
It would be fun to see what has changed, what remained,
whether I have achieved my goals, whether I still hold the same goals.

We were all stunned when we stepped into the spacious, cozy and very colorful second floor.
The wall was painted with cute, random cartoon characters
and stuff that instantly brighten up my day!
Oh back to the postcards!
Postcards available are designed by 6 artists of different styles.
Postcard is priced at RM5 each.
Delivery is FOC for the first year, RM5 on each following year.
My favorite one would be this cute little guy that looks like Casper unicycling in Georgetown.
Love this corner of the cafe filled with colorful fluffy pillows!
I could conveniently fall asleep while everybody is playing with their phone.
Absolutely a brilliant idea.
Done with the long-winded intro, now to the food!
For drinks, they have pretty interesting menu from coffee to colorful thirst quenchers.
Mint Chocolate [RM11]
Signature Coffee Coconut Latte [RM12]
Such a pretty cuppa, sprinkled with generous amount of coconut flakes.
Passion Lychee Soda [RM9]
Signature Coffee Mint Latte [RM12]
Layers of espresso, mint, milk and foam. Refreshing and minty, perfect on a hot day.
Do stir well before drinking.
Strawberry Smoothie [RM12]
Mango Passion Smoothie [RM12]
Creamy and strong mango fragrance with a hint of passion fruit, in love with this one!
Canapes [RM13]
Replacing cream crackers with Japanese cucumber was defintely a great idea! 
Apart from the usual savory canapes, there were sweet strawberry canapes that made us girls happy.
Pig in the Blanket [RM10]
Sausages wrapped in bacon slices, crunchy on the outside and soft in between.
This is best served with iced cold beer!
Toast Box [RM12.50]
 Deep fried crunchy toast with scrambled egg, cucumber slices and tuna in the middle,
 topped with chopped tomatoes and capsicum sitting on top of fresh greens.
Great texture, simple and pretty satisfying.
Big Breakfast [RM21]
Huge plate of happiness - Toast, bacon strips, sausages, scrambled eggs,
baked beans and fresh greens. Portion is slightly too big for me, good for sharing.
Aglio Olio Mushroom [RM15.90]
Overall palatable but I find it slightly overpowering. 
I was the only one among all bloggers who had this opinion tho, so, don't trust me.
Carbonara with Bacon and Egg [RM17.90]
Don't be deceived by the raw egg yolk! Their carbonara is light, creamy but not cloying,
Grilled Saba Fish [RM17.90]
We were surprised to find this Japanese dish here!
Grilled saba with secret sauce, sided with potato wedges and fresh greens.
Grilled Chicken Chop with Cheese [RM16.90]
Boneless juicy grilled chicken topped with a slice of cheese added to its aroma.
 Cake of the day - Chocolate Cream Cheese [RM12]
Served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, I find the cake a little bit dry but acceptable.
Chocolate Pancake [RM15]
This LINE rabbit with flying kisses was too adorbs!
The stack of pancakes were fluffy, sided with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream.
Huge thanks to Paper Pepper for hosting and Jazz for inviting!
This has to be the most colorful food review I've ever been to.
Paper Pepper 
Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 3pm - 12am
Saturday & Sunday 11am - 12am
Closed on Monday
70, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling 10200 Georgetown, Penang
04-261 4291