Wine Journey with Wine Daddy

First thing first, I have an embarrassing confession:
I know nothing about wine.
Okay that's not surprising at all, anybody would guess it by looking at ma face.
Nevertheless, the noobie was determined to learn about the art of wine tasting
and even wrote it down on my 2013 resolutions.
I was over the moon when Choy invited me to Wine Daddy's first wine class in Penang.
I'm finally crossing it off my list! Better late than never, am I right? Yes I am.
Prakash, the man behind Wine Daddy
Wine Daddy was founded in 2011 and has organized a number of wine journeys,
wine masterclasses and wine dinners in KL.
They even had tours to wine regions like France, Australia, Italy and more!
Check out their amazing tour gallery here.

The first wine journey in Penang was held at Summer Garden.
Instead of wine class, they call it Wine Journey, cause learning(about anything)
is a life-long journey, never a destination.
Prakash, the man behind Wine Daddy is a wine enthusiast and also a certified alcoholic.
Since what he calls a 'misfortune' of becoming allergic to beer at the age of 25,
he started his discovery journey in wine. Seems like it's not entirely a misfortune.
Nope, we didn't drink all these.
The 3 hours class was intense -
It kick-started with an hour of theory class learning about the history of wine,
where wines come from, terms that I have never heard before,
eg. Old/New World Wine, what makes the colors of wines,
how to pronounce the names of wines and so on. 
It was like back to school, the only difference was I didn't fall asleep.
The journey followed by 2 hours of tutored wine tasting.
Wines were covered for blind tasting.
We sniff, drink and tell what smells did we identify.
I was so ready to get tipsy try all of them!
Oh and we also learnt some wine etiquette including proper way to hold your wine glass
 and how to clink wine glasses correctly without breaking it or spilling your wine.
Eye contact is important, don't forget to smile too :) Unless you hate that person.
Swirl and smell, that's when I realized I didn't know much fruits.
The best I could come up with were raspberry, black berry and apple.
Tempted to say "It smells like ... teen spirit."

And there is a possibility of wine smelling like bread, or even chalk.
That's pretty mind boggling, or rather eye-opening.
 Learning how to open bottle of wine with and without a corkscrew.
It was tremendously nerve-wracking as it was my first time doing it
and I wasn't allowed to kill anyone.
Don't worry, nobody and nothing were harmed during this process. 
We sampled 1 sparkling wine, 2 white wines, 3 red wines, 1 dessert wine and 1 rosé.
And I have found my one true love. Oh rosé, where have you been all my life?

Here's a good news!
Wine Daddy will be coming to Penang again
for another session of Wine Journey!

Date: 1st September 2014
Time: 3.15pm - 6.30pm
Venue: TBA
Price: RM120

You will be sampling 6 wines and loads of fun!
Class is kept small with a maximum of 12 pax and by registration only.
Call 012-2199122 for any enquiries or to register yourself.

I have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the upcoming Wine Journey!

Just answer this simple question:
Which was my favorite wine of all?

Comment below and pray hard that you will be the lucky one
to receive tickets that are worth RM240!
Easy-peasy lemon squeezy or what?
Submit your answer before 27th August! Good luck :)

I've selected the lucky one and it's 
Shin Sea Chee
Thank you Michelle and anonymous for participating, better luck next time!
Huge thanks to Wine Daddy, Prakash and Choy for the wonderful experience!
7, Jalan Setiakasih 7,
Bukit Damansara 50490 KL


  1. Your favorite wine is rose wine of Chateau De Fesles, Rose d' Anjou year 2012.

    1. Hello Shin Sea, guess what? You're the lucky winner! Kindly leave your mobile number or drop me an e-mail and Wine Daddy will contact you personally. Congratulations!

    2. Hi! Thanks Jennifer!! I felt blessed. Once again thank you for your tickets. It will be a lot of fun. :D

    3. My pleasure. Have fun and don't get too tipsy at the wine journey!

  2. Replies
    1. Hello dee dee, thank you so much for participating but the giveaway is over the rainbow. Better luck next time!