The Safe Room Campbell Street

Warm and inviting, this cafe is filled with quotes that revolve around love and life.
Why The Safe Room though?
When ironically, they have a robber in the house!
Joke aside, this tree in the room is the reason why it is called The Safe Room.
Love bridges and trees are all around the world, so here,
in The Safe Room, you can lock your love, promises and vows on the tree.
And they will keep them safe, forever and ever.
I pour my heart out when it comes to love, wonder how am I
supposed to write everything on a small lock if I were to lock mine.
Or are you supposed to speak to the lock and it will record everything in
and all you need to write on the lock is your name and your partner's?
I'm so horrible at this.
 Le cousin and brother. It was a spontaneous family gathering.
 And basically, the 'motive' behind this gathering was to play with this cuteness overloaded baby.
Everybody was busy making him smile and taking photos of him.
So poor me had to selfie.
Take all the limelight baby, take it!
 Apart from having the first love lock tree in Malaysia, they also have the first liquid nitrogen ice-cream!
Now no more bitching on people who posted N2 pictures from Aussie!
So, why all this smoky drama?
By adding liquid nitrogen, it causes the fruit juices and
the water particles to stay very small, giving the ice cream its creamy consistency.
And according to food science experts, rapid freezing preserves the nutrients in food.
I'm ordering 10 tanks of liquid nitrogen for my everyday cereal.
Coconut Nitro Ice-Cream [RM15.90]
Voila! True enough, it was soft, creamy and smooth with sweet coconut fragrance.
Simple divine, I would totally come back for this.
And maybe for this killer smile.
 Mango Nitro Ice-Cream [RM12.90]
Same goes to this, soft and smooth, love the fresh mango bits!
Mango lovers, this is a totally to-die-for!
 Flavors available, fruits are all fresh directly from the market everyday.
I heard jackfruit is good but I don't like jackfruit.
They've got something unique called the Dragon Breathe
which is popcorn with liquid nitrogen. I didn't order that.
 Creamy Garlic Bread [RM5.50]
Homemade Fries [RM5.50]
Tomyam Spaghetti [RM13.90]
 Good Day Sausage [RM16.90]
Chicken Chop with Thai sauce [RM14.90]
Some bites and main courses, nothing much to shout about.
I like the Thai sauce tho, the chicken skin was really crispy.
Homemade fries was quite a disappointment as some of them were not fully cooked.
I don't understand what this red guy is doing.
So I decided to put myself in his shoes.
As they say, to understand a person better, you have to put yourself in her/his shoes.
In the end, I still don't understand.
Either he's too deep or I'm no good in understanding a person.
The Safe Room
Opening hours
Tuesday to Thursday
12pm - 11pm
Friday to Saturday
12pm - 12am
12pm - 11pm
42, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Georgetown Penang

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