Perfecto Snacks

 Perfecto, perfect for a couch potato!
With an (almost, not really) OCD of needing to make everything rhymes,
I'm pretty sure I will be a successful poet in no time!
Joke aside, Mamee Double-Decker has unveiled their latest product few months back.
Comes in 3 flavors, there are Sour Cream & Chives, Chili & Spice Infusion and Natural Sea Salt
Thin crisp of satisfaction, Perfecto is the only brand in the market that uses fresh garnishing on each chips.
Perfect snack when you're feeling peckish, especially when watching the telly.
You can bring all 3 flavors to a potluck party if you have no idea what to bring.
That's what I always do, cause I can't cook.
Or you can get creative by drizzling them with BBQ sauce,
or top them with melted cheese, or whatever you can think of.
 Perfecto is priced at only RM3.99 per canister and available at major supermarkets.
Grab one at your nearest store today!

Now let me just cuddle them to sleep. Sweet dreams guaranteed.
For more, check out their facebook page

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