The Alley, Stewart Lane

 Located next to Kuan Yin temple, this cafe was previously a Chinese incense shop.
They have opened a new branch at Sungai Petani, click here for more.

Cozy and warm place with friendly staff. 
The only bummer is that the seats are quite limited.
Love the little corner inside with more privacy, and pillows!
The round decos painted with latte art hanging on the wall are
made of broken table tops, what a creative and green team.
And the scribbles all over the place were done by them too.
This picture was taken back in January.
How do you like my awkward Yoko Ono smile?
They have Pestle & Mortar, a street wear label from KL in store.
Fun signs of popular terms and jargon that are perfect for pictures.
On my right hand is a flattering address where you hear it most
while shopping at Sungei Wang and on my left, is the term I hate the most.
Now let's go into the food before I explode in anger and rant about the abuse of #bojio.
Cappucino [RM9]
Their signature served in kopitiam cup and traditional peanut candy(gong tang).
All coffee here is with double ristretto, short shot of espresso that is bolder in taste.
Mocha [RM11]
A good one as the chocolate doesn't mask the coffee.
And the foam is fluffy!
Dirty Chai Latte [RM13]
This is my new favorite drink.
Basically it's chai(black tea with Indian spices and herbs)  
latte with two shots of ristretto. It's not as scary as normal chai.
 You would smell cinnamon first as they sprinkled cinnamon powder on top,
 then taste the ristretto on the first sip, and light hint of chai on the end note. 
It's not on their menu. And no, you don't need any secret code to order it.
Iced Chocolate [RM11]
Chocolate Oreo Frappe [RM13]
 Chocolate Mint Frappe [RM13]
Macho Mango Frappe [RM13]
Pink Guava Frappe [RM13]
Churros(small) [RM6 with one dip]
Churros(big) [RM9 with two dips]
Their signature, a deep fried crunchy Spanish snack that is normally long and thin.
Some calls it angmoh you zhar kuih(fried bread stick).
Choose from 5 dips - Caramel, salted caramel, Nutella, Chocolate and cinnamon sugar.
I recommend Nutella and cinnamon sugar.
Nutella Cronut / Salted Caramel Cronut [RM8]
Another signature of theirs, I don't think you can find cronut anywhere else in Penang.
Originated from New York, cronut is a combination of croissant and doughnut.
Just imagine doughnut with croissant texture, it's a crunchy layering goodness.
Strawberry Orange Cheesecake [RM10]
Was reluctant to try at first as I hate orange,
but it was acceptable as the orange taste isn't strong.
Topped with homemade marshmallows, you can request the chef to torch them!
Lemon Cheesecake [RM10]
Black & White [RM10]
Chocolate overdosed, slightly too sweet to my liking.
Dirty Chai Cheesecake [RM10]
A light one, tasted like earl grey.
Don't worry about how you look, cause with no doubt you look awesome!
Didn't expect a visit to the loo can be this uplifting.
Huge thanks to The Alley for hosting and Tour Directions Penang for extending the invitation!

The Alley Stewart Lane
Opens daily 12pm - 12am
04-261 3879
5, Stewart Lane, 10200 Georgetown Penang

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