1st Avenue Mall Penang Football Fiesta

In conjunction of FIFA World Cup 2014,
1st Avenue Mall has came up with fun activities for all ball fans.
 Okay not necessarily ball fans, as I'm a noobie when it comes to ball.
I hope that didn't turn out wrong.
Thanks Sam for making me look skinny here!
One of the fun challenges:
Penalty Shoot Out
You will be given 5 chances, just score 3 times to win.
Amazing prizes await!
Seems easy, but the noobie scored zero..
Okay no time for self-pity, moving on to
Human Foosball

Step into the inflatable foosball field with a team of 3-5 pax.

Every participants will be given a prize for participating,
 fastest team to score 3 goals will get extra free vouchers!

The T&C is simple:
Spend RM20 in a single receipt at any outlets in the mall
and you're eligible to participate. Movie ticket counts too!

Come join the fun and bring home attractive prizes!
Eat football, Sleep football and Shop football at 1st Avenue Mall today
at the Main Atrium till June 29 from 12pm to 8pm.
Check out their facebook page for more.
Now will you excuse me while I march my way out of the place I don't belong.


  1. Thanks for the info. I will march my way to 1st Avenue this week!

  2. Viewed and clicked :D
    Bai hui :D

  3. Still have any other calls you bai hui? Besides your family :D :D

    1. Some of my friends do! Becca hor? :D

    2. ok..nicholas here hahahaha!

    3. OHH JIMMY NEUTRON HOR!! Helloooo :D Okay apparently more and more of my friends start calling me bai hui, so pai seh la didn't know it was you hehe! How's your Europe trip plan??

  4. Wahaha! What a nice name I got from you :D
    Wah! I see..bai hui - nice name ;)
    I plan for next year liao as my auntie will be retired next year..hehe!!

    1. Mine not bad also, Jiminy Cricket HAHAHA
      Yea, so it's not a secret code anymore lol
      Oh nice, save alot of money and buy me souvenirsss okay? :D

    2. WOPS! Almost forget your's Jiminy Cricket hahaha!!
      souvenir or souvenirssss? hahaha! :P

    3. wuah wu sim hor, give people such ridiculous nickname and forgot about it -_-
      souvenirSSSSS, means A LOT :D

    4. wahahaha! :P paiseh la..cos feels like long time didnt see you liao :D :D
      hahahaha! A whole luggage ^_^