Loke Thye Kee 乐台居

 On the bustling street of Burmah Road, one cannot miss this iconic building.
 Built in 1929, Loke Thye Kee is known by some as ‘Love Boat’
(the architecture resembles a Chinese pleasure boat), a place to celebrate happy occasions
 like matchmaking, weddings and birthdays back in those days.
They were closed down 16 years ago and back in business in year 2012.
Most of the bloggers had been here when they were younger, 
sad to say it was my very first time. And I'm totally blaming my parents!
On the ground floor, they have a cafe named Kopitiam.
Kopitiam means coffee shop in Hokkien, this place echoes the coffee shop of the bygone days.
Love the old sliding metal door and broken lamppost.
Leave your name and comments here, your 'vandalism' is much appreciated teehee.
 This Dave sure is a funny guy.
Traditional way of coffee preparation so authenticity is guaranteed.
Instead of espresso coffee, they serve local coffee and tea here.
So don't embarrass yourself by ordering cappuccino or latte okay?
Kopi C [RM2.10(Hot) / RM2.40(Cold)] / Kopi O [RM1.80(Hot) / RM2.10(Cold)]
Teh [RM2.10(Hot) / RM2.40(Cold)]
Barley [RM2] / Teh Tarik [RM2.10] / Neslo [RM3]
Milo [RM2.80]
All the essential drinks served at a typical kopitiam. You might find the price slightly higher,
but if you think about the free WIFI, cleanliness and air-conditioner(life-saver!),
the price you pay is all worth it.
Kopi Ice [RM2.40] / Iced Lemon Tea [RM2.80] / Chocolate Ice Blended [RM5.90]
Strawberry Float / Lemonade Float [RM6.50]
Ice Blended White Coffee [RM5.90]
Good news to those who aren't fans of typical kopitiam drinks,
as you can see the drinks menu is pretty extensive.
The sweet Strawberry Float made me leap like a happy kid!
And the thick, smooth Ice Blended White Coffee is highly recommended too!

Nasi Lemak [RM2.50]
Kaya Butter Toast [RM3.50]
Soft-boiled Eggs [RM2.50]
Simple yet satisfying Malaysian breakfast.
The soft-boiled egg brought back my childhood memory when I played with the pepper
and soy sauce and my mom would yell at me in public. I still play with my food now though.
 Set available for bread + eggs + tea/coffee priced at RM5.90 only.
On the first floor is this Loke Thye Kee Restaurant, the tiles and the pictures hanging exude nostalgia.
They offer signature Malaysian dishes from the different ethnic origins(Malay, Chinese, Indian)
 with a selection of Hainanese cuisine.
Stepped outside for a busy street view.
Love the al-fresco area on the balcony, perfect for a cuppa and people watching.
But not recommended when the sun is shinning.
Huge thanks to Jazz and Ken for the shots, and giving me a taste of being stalked by paparazzi.
Pie Tee [RM9]
Who can resist these bite-sized crunchy yums?

Otak Prawn Pancake [RM12]
It's kind of like prawn fritters, with otak-otak inside!

Hokkien Char [RM16]
Huge portion with generous amount of shrimps and squids, soupy and flavorful.
Hainanese Chicken Chop [RM18]
Juicy, succulent and well-marinated chicken chop topped with mushrooms and onions,
sided with me favorite potato wedges and salad.
Hainanese Chicken Rice [RM18]
Told a friend my favorite food is chicken rice and he said that makes me not girly.
He said girls should love pretty food like macarons. Such sexist/stereotype/racist/whatever!
Anyway, I love especially the chicken skin and couldn't get enough of the fragrant rice.
Macaroni Pie [RM20]
Macaroni with chicken dices, mushrooms and green peas covered with fluffy souffle.
Chicken Char Siew [RM18]
Crunchy, flavorful thin cut garnished with sesame for extra fragrance.
Nyonya Fish Head Curry [RM45]
The curry fragrance made me hungry instantly.
Heavenly one with fish head, lady fingers, eggplants and the level of spiciness is just right for me.
All dishes are pork-free and they're applying for 'Halal' certification.
Psst, good news me fellow Muslim friends!
From left - Oreo Cheese Cake, Coca Cola Cake, Blueberry Cheese Cake
Red Velvet Cake, Mocha Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu 

Homemade by their pastry chef, priced at RM9 each.
Creative one would be Coca Cola cake but the taste of coke is insignificant.
Overall, the texture is good but personally think that the flavor isn't enough to impress me.

On-going promotion
Express Lunch Set RM15 nett
A piece of cake and coffee/tea RM10++
3-course Lunch Set RM25++
4-course Dinner Set RM35++

Good and affordable food, the building is also perfect as background
 for wedding photoshoots to create a true sense of nostalgia.
Special thanks to Loke Thye Kee for extending the invitation.
To end this long post, I shall present you with, of course, another picture of me.
 Loke Thye Kee(乐台居)
Opening hours
Daily 7am - 5pm
Restaurant & Rooftop Bar
Closed on Monday, 11am - 11pm
2, Jalan Burmah, 10050 Georgetown Penang


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