Folks Cafe Lebuh Acheh

Notice: Folks Cafe is closed until further notice

Located at the busy heritage site, just opened for 2 months,
this relaxing, quaint cafe checks off all the criteria on my What Makes A Good Cafe list.
For that I acclaim, Faith in Penang Cafes: Restored!
The theme of this place, as you would notice, is Fox and Rabbit.
Fox is smart and full of wisdom while Rabbit is soft and sentimental.
Which best describes Adele and Cheez, the passionate owners of this lovely place.
That's all folks, a familiar line made popular by Looney Tunes, my good ol' childhood.
Folks means People. This place is all about serving people.
The aim is to provide people with good food and cozy ambiance
 in order to satisfy their heart and soul. It says 'tiny menu with passion and soul', I like it.
 Good news to people like me who wakes up real late, they serve all day brunch!
And most of all, they play Indie songs here! Don't underestimate music,
it plays an important part(at least for me) in setting the ambiance and mood right. 
Without further ado, to the hearty food!
Mushroom Salad [RM14]
Great combination of crunchy mixed greens, japanese cucumber, assorted juicy mushrooms,
 cherry tomatoes and eggs, topped with roasted almond flakes, served with homemade sesame dressing.
There's a zesty citrus twist in the dressing which makes it unique and delightful.
Mushroom Munchies [RM12]
Baked huge button mushroom stuffed with cheese, juicy and satisfactory.
 Perfect nibblet especially for the mushroom lovers.
 Folks Breakfast [RM16]
All breakfast essentials that I love - Bacon, sunny side-up, smoked pork sausage,
tomatoes, baked beans and toasts. Couldn't get enough of the sausage, it's crunchy on the outside!

 Carbonara [RM16]
Bacon and egg in cream sauce garnished with spring onion and bonito flakes.
Creamy but not cloying, even after the egg was added.
Smoked Salmon Pizza [RM18]
I've never had pizza with smoked salmon, it's surprisingly eye-opening and good.
Very Japanese influenced yums on thin crust, a delectable one indeed.
 Orange juice [RM9] | Rootbeer Float [RM10]
How about a glass of fresh crushed ice orange juice(without sugar-added!)
and a sweet, fizzy rootbeer(topped with ice-cream!) on a hot sunny day?Or can I suggest you to go for their signature sodas?
The vibrance and leafy greens are like instant mood lifter!
Lemon & Rosemary, Strawberry & Mint, Lychee & Lime and Cucumber & Mint [RM9 each]
 Refreshing and thirst-quenching, I like their creativity in the mixing and matching.
My favorite would be Lemon & Rosemary(can be slightly too sour to some) and
Cucumber and Mint(amount of sweetness is just right and love the cucumber bits!)
Apart from these, they serve bottled beer, housepour wine and liquor too!

They have revamped their menu and added more interesting stuff in since my last visit!
 The menus.
Popcorn Matcha Latte [RM9]
Adrian's adventurous selection, this is too fancy!
Instead of matcha powder, they used tea leaves creating stronger fragrant to it.
Folks Rendang [RM17]
Another adventurous pick, this is an interesting one.
Cooked with prawn broth and served with fresh prawns, great combination of east and west.
I find the black pepper masked the the taste a little though.
Imposing Eggs Benedict [RM14]
Perfect zen place for my thoughts to escape.
I hope the fluffy husky won't be sleeping the next time I visit, cause I so wanna pet him/her!
Huge thanks to Folks Cafe for making the experience remarkable.
Folks Cafe
Opening hours
Monday - Wednesday: 12 to 10:30pm
Friday - Saturday: 12pm to 12am
Sunday: 12 to 6pm
Closed on Thursday
41, Lebuh Acheh, 10300 Penang


  1. finally a new cafe that i can go to explore ! haha

    1. wow you're fast to read! Yes please do, so much love for this cafe :)

  2. Yeee... I wan play with the husky too ! I love the cafe with doggie ~

    1. So fluffy! :3 If I'm not mistaken, his/her name is Waffle :D If they're dog-friendly, you can bring your Matthew to play with Waffle!