Stacks Burger Siam Road

*Notice: They have relocated again! More info below.
I don't really fancy burgers.
 But with the amount of burger stalls mushrooming in Penang and
everybody is talking about it, my kiasu-ness kicked in.
Used to be at somewhere around Sentral College, now at Siam Road,
Stacks burger is one of the popular ones.
A break-down chart to help people with choice disorder; It's either pork or chicken, easy peasy.
Menu with a list of add-ons;
As first-timers, we were suggested to try pork. So it was a porky date for us!
Order, get your number and wait for it.
Sizzling hand crafted patties, I'm hungry!
And my baby is here!
Just as the slogan says, layering flavours.
Crunchy charcoal buns and lettuce and boy, the patty was 
So flavourful, and pretty huge for me, only RM8.80!
I added bacon, so mine was RM10.30. 
One useful advice(for dating):
Never eat this with the guy/girl you want to impress
It will not turn out well.
 Unless your mouth is like Julia Roberts which can fit the whole burger in,
ensuring nothing fall off and no sauce dripping down your hands.
And don't worry that you have to stand and sweat while enjoying your burger.
They have plenty of seats in an air-conditioned room with wi-fi!
Take-away is available too(of course),
call them 30 minutes prior to order and pick it up later.
I think I love burgers now.

Stacks Burger
Facebook page

 Opens daily 11am - 2pm, 6:30 - 11pm
Contact number: 016-5895993
110E Jalan Transfer 10050 Georgetown Penang


  1. u bad leh....suan xiao Julia Robert...

  2. There is another burger shop nearby this burger. Why you no go?

    1. There are too many places I wanna go, need more time and money! Thanks for your suggestion :)

    2. No worry. Take your time. Recently a lot of burger shops opening at Penang. There is another burger shop, Marshall Burger at Burmah Road near Giant there. You can go try it out, not bad =)

    3. Yup been there, I find it so-so only.

    4. Oh, I see... I find it a little over burned. Plan go either this Stack Burger or Spade Burger soon... Yes, you will need more time and money to enjoy =)