SEA Aquarium, Singapore

Posted this on Facebook with the caption
Useful travel tip: Bring your portable stool everywhere you go.
Thought my dream of dragging luggage everywhere I go has finally came true
but recalled that I have already done it in Paris.
 It wasn't as fun as I thought after all, quite a trouble actually.
Anyway, after all those flower power at Gardens by The Bay,
we were given 2 options:
 Universal Studio again or SEA Aquarium
We chose the latter thinking we would be seeing penguins,
which later on proves that no proper research before traveling is again is a huge no-no.
Obligatory shots my dad insisted to take lol
Long stretch of historical exhibition that I got bored of before entering:
#1 - Noah's Ark! 
#2 - Zheng He's gigantic ship
#3 - No idea what was that but my brother made me burst into laughter
And finally! Look at his pretend-to-be-amazed face hahah
Happy sting ray swimming on top, baby sharks under my feet,
 and this huge tank with colorful fishes and corals just puts me in awe.
 In front of the huge tank is this discovery touch pool, allowing you to touch star fishes,
 sea cucumbers and etc. The ridiculously long queue doesn't seem to move at all,
 I lost my patience and dragged my brother out with me.
 He seemed to be a little disappointed, so I asked him to just skip the queue,
don't think people would notice at all as they were all busy taking photos.

Which leads to this epiphany, or realization of why 混水摸鱼(Chinese idiom)
 is called 
混水摸鱼. Those who went to Chinese school,
 I'm pretty sure you learned this idiom and probably has the same doubt I have:
Now let me explain to you *clear throat*
混水摸鱼 hún shuǐ mō yú

含义: 比喻乘混乱的时候从中捞取不正当的利益。
所谓混水摸鱼, 就如图中的小弟弟插队混如人群中摸鱼。
Direct translation: Mix water touch fish
Definition: To take advantage of a crisis for personal gain.
As what you can see in this picture, he mixed into the crowd to touch fish in the water.

This incident just perfectly explained the idiom! WHY AM I SO SMART?
Okay class, thank you very much for your time. I hope you learn something useful today.
Magnifying glass that allows you to see those cute little seahorses clearly, huge crab and scary creature
My heart just stopped beating, this looks like galaxy....
And these super duper cute boink boink mushrooms!
Jelly fishes are everything - Graceful, cute, boink and beautiful.
There are dolphins too, but only to see not to touch.
We just found out that there's no penguins here in the end of our tour.
But I guess this mermaid makes it all worthwhile.

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