Sip and Chew

Is this a head of a man or a deer?
I was guessing deer at first, but obviously it's a head. Ridiculous mind is ridiculous.
Located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, the shop lot beside Kuan Yin temple.
 The name of the cafe is really simple but captivating.
 And the best part is, 'Chew' is the first name of the cafe's owner.
 Simply brilliant. Check out their Facebook page here.
 Lazy blogger strikes again, they're closed on Monday.
Plain setting with pieces of Europe which gives a laid back atmosphere.
They were playing Mindy Gledhill, Caryn fell in love immediately.
 Sweet and simple menu, comics and poker.
Will you look at that pretty fuchsia? 
 The signature of Sip and Chew: Happy Potted Plant [RM9.90]
Cause being a vegetarian just isn't enough, now eating flower has become a must.
If you were an ice-cream flavour would you be my favourite one?
Of course the flower is not edible.
 One big pot of ice-cream, Oreo crumbs as the 'soil' and cake at the bottom.
Personally hope they would put more ice cream and less cake. 
Green tea was our pick, heard they have Rum&Raisin with corn flakes now so go try it out!
Just one disappointment to highlight.
 We ordered iced macchiato, instead of syrup, they gave us brown sugar.
And when we asked for syrup, this condensed milk was served..
It spoiled the experience a little bit, so no more gu leng ko please.
Anywayyy, only this flower pot was sampled as we went right after lunch.
Ending this post with All About Your Heart.


  1. look nice! whr is it?

  2. Here here their address:
    72, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
    It's located at the shoplot beside Kuan Yin temple, same row with The Yard and Woody burger.
    Their phone number :017-531 3480