When one's procrastinating, the wall could be interesting

So the pretty lights from my previous post wasn't the end of our trip to i-City
Paid RM10 or 15 for their 5D movie, horrible.
 Merry-go-round was even more fascinating.

Without much hope, we proceed to our next stop.
 And I didn't expect to take anybody's pants off beforehand.

Saw this Trick Art Musuem on The Star the other day,
 thought it's in Johor or somewhere else so didn't bother to read.
The admission is only RM5, and it's totally worth it as we had lotsa fun
 perfecting the angle and facial expressions while my mom just
 shook her head wondering what she did wrong raising her kids.
Look at that evil laugh on his face!
'Don't use your hands! Use your bag, you can get more money!'
Can't believe my mom said that.
Some of the paintings are pretty impressive. 
 But of course, to make those paintings alive, you must possess
 imagination, thick, flexible facial muscles and cooperation.
 Like we do.


  1. Procrastinating can sometimes become a way to chill, to relax and most importantly by staring especially at tha wall it gives us time to just rest.... Our mind I mean. :)
    Just when I'm procrastinating, scrolling through FB, saw ur post and yes this is just a random act to pass some random comments to further enhance the definition of "procrastination" ;p

    1. That's why I love procrastination, always have light bulbs on my head when I do that. Thanks for your comment :)