That XX

In case you didn't know, I got the title from the talented G-Dragon's latest single.

Thought it would be vulgar, but turned out to be soft acoustic. Well played GD!
And this post has nothing to do with kpop that has gone mainstream, but that xx.
I'm officially jealous of that xx!
And by that xx, I mean this xx.

Whatever name you could came up with. Her name is Igloo by the way. 
Read about when I first bought the bunnies here.
Caramel passed away, so now this spoiled piglet is alone. Okay so
I've finally got over the fact that my parents favorite my brother, but now,
 This xx.

There was one night, I almost starved to death and walked out of my room.
 My dad asked, 'Very hungry is it?' 'Yes when is mom coming back?'
Then he said 'No I mean your bunnies, why you no feed them?'
So it's okay that I die of hunger, but not those smelly fur balls!

Another one happened just last week. It was 1:30am, 
my mom was washing and picking vegetables for her.What was that?? 
She wouldn't even iron my clothes for me even if it was after 11pm!
My existence is now less important than an animal!
But I'm really happy that all this happened.
It made me see the soft side of my mom, from making a big scene when I
 first brought them home to yelling at me for not getting kangkung for them from Tesco.

And for the first time in my life, 
I admitted what my mom said was right.
Owning a pet is huge commitment. 
I've also learnt to appreciate my parents more, 
it's no fun to feed them and clean up their shit everyday.The best part is, 
you don't even know if they appreciate you!

Anyhoo, a super cute video of her walking into a cereal box and fall.
Sorry for the bad quality but do enjoy!

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