She's got a ticket to ride

The never ending road that leads to home, and the sky is the limit.
Waking up to cows and sheeps eating grass in New Zealand couldn't be less wonderful.
But sadly that didn't happen to me. 
Skipped my usual class to spend some healthy time with family on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Drove up to a kampung in Pulau Betong Balik Pulau, really psyched about it as I kinda love cycling!
'Bonding' with the bicycle I chose, and damn I think I've becoming a pinky now.
Used to cycle a lot at my granny's place when I was younger. 
Would fell and bleed almost every year on CNY and had hideous knee as my angpaos.
 Not sure if he wore it on purpose or it was a coincidence.
Tonnes of bicycles to choose from so you could pick your lucky color and number!
Only RM20/bicycle for the whole day! Call Mr Sam Lim at 0124999099 for bookings.
 Super nice salted fish, eggs and veg to go along with porridge.
There's no need of bacon all the time to be happy. 
All suit up and ready to be awesome!
Have you ever seen a Mat Rempit on bicycle?
Came across this lake, it's like Venice in Penang.
 And I have no idea why I got that pose, as if I'm Miss Sunshine 2012 haha
 But I would ride 500 miles, and I would ride 500 more
Nah joking, I was already exhausted after an hour and half.
And the sun kissed me too much, I'm like a benggali now.
But it was all worth it, hell loads of fun!
Go on a roadtrip with your friends in the au naturale way.
 And no, I don't mean riding naked.
Rent a bike at


  1. Mat Rempit on bicycle is called MatSikal! Let's go food hunting in Balik Pulau some day.

    1. True or not -_- Yes sure, please give me a ride up to Balik Pulau yea :D