One day, someday

Was watching One Day the other night. One thing that couldn't be ignored was
Anne Hathaway totally rocked every character she's in. 
A piece of ordinary floral dress and sunnies, simple yet chic. One reason to love vintage. 
Apart from that, it made me wanna explore Europe once again, especially Paris. 
I miss the street, the people, the croissant, the sky, the air. It reminded me that life is 
unexpected, so do as many spontaneous stuff you want as possible. It also made me realized
that how cruel life could be. You were striving all your life, achieving the things you want,
finally life is perfect and a truck ran over you and you die. Thought it was a cheesy love story 
with a happy ending, seems like not everything has a happy ending. Thought I've learned 
that already but deep down I'm still looking for happily ever after which only happens 
in fairy tales.Tonnes of thoughts came up, couldn't sleep and needed to talk to someone. 
This is very unusual of me, typing all these touchy feely emotional things that 
made me sound vulnerable.

There are mountain-pile of stuff I want to make them happen, 
but I guess my tiny messy room is limiting my imagination to take place. 
Sometimes I'm so tired of being here that I wanna jump off the Penang bridge 
in a giant float and see where it'll take me. Can't wait to move into my new house, 
a new house finally!
Queen size bed, walls with pastel colors, huge mirror, vision board, 
a green green garden with mini fountain and trampoline.
I need you so much closer.

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