Ben's, not the big one in London

  Review at Ben's as promised.
Excuse the horrible picture as I was rushing to catch my bus.
They have Ben's at KLCC, Pavilion and Publika.
This is the one at Pavilion, the same floor with Tokyo Street.
Didn't know it's so spacious when I peeped in the last time.
Love the heart-warming photographs hanging all over the walls.
Just like Delicious, their cakes look irresistible! 
Just look at those humongous strawberries, just look at them.
Afternoon Tea Set for 2, RM59.90
We actually went there right after our late lunch at Lot10, so Ping suggested us to get this. 
And that's Colleen looking like Okinawa girl at the back.
Sandwiches, thumbs up for the one with salmon slices!
A full plate of heaven
Blueberry muffins and scones with all those jams along side!
My favorite would be the passionfruit cubes on the right, magically soft and yummy.
And also the chocolate balls on top, it's bitter sweet! 
The set comes with a slice of cake of your own choice too.
Black forest which doesn't look very promising. A little too dry and hmm, no cherries.
 Wanted to pick their strawberry short cake but it's small and cheaper than the rest, 
of course we chose the most expensive one #cheapskate
Let's be honest, wouldn't you do the same too?
Not to forget you also get to choose 2 pots of tea of any flavours!
We chose two pots of the same flavor, genius or what?
Ping's Mac&Cheese, rounded up to RM30 if I'm not mistaken.
The cheese they use is one of those smelly cheese that I hate!
But they say the smellier, the better. Oh well..
But the salad was really good though! 
Every salad should come with almond flakes, then everybody will laugh like 
those people in salad ads. Oh salad, why you so funny?
Recipes and fun question cards, something that couldn't be ignored at Ben's.
#1: Crazily difficult question, I think it's forgiving people I used to hate?
#2: Almost everything, especially seaweed and ice-cream.
#3: Do you think I'm gonna reveal that to you?
#4: Getting Caramel and Igloo, and I regretted a little bit.

What your answers might be?

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