The only Chinese Buffet at Copthorne Hotel

Remember I blogged about the Nyonya Buffet at Copthorne Hotel a year ago?
If you didn't, you can read it here.
It was my third official review though, so do forgive the way I used to write.
Terrace Bay has launched their new themed buffet, which claims to be 
The Only Chinese Buffet in Town
True enough, I've never heard of Chinese buffet anywhere.
Have you?
For the starter, they have a variety of salad.
My 3 favorite dishes of the night:
Prawn with hot bean sauce - Juicy with just good texture.
Pipa Chicken - Thanks to the sesame, it smelled good and tasted really good!
Sweet and sour fish fillet - Looks ordinary but the fish fillet is really nice! 
Normally it's soft but this is crunchy at the outside and soft inside, the reason why I love it.
Beef sliced with black pepper; Tofu with crabmeat sauce and steamed chicken.
The beef was okay, personally think the taste of pepper wasn't there;
Expect the tofu to be tasty with the rich sauce, but it was almost tasteless.
Steam chicken was rich with the Chinese herbs, yum!
Sayur kacang panjang.
Refused to try this but was convinced by Vivian, unexpectedly good as it wasn't soft at all!
Shark fin! Okay it's actually eight treasure soup with fish lips.
It tasted okay though, put too much vinegar in hah!
Apart from that, Terrace Bay always have a booth with self-cook food that I love.
 Pick your favorite noodles from tang hoon, maggie, yee mee, koay teow, yellow mee and bee hoon.
 Take all the prawns! And also beancurd, fish cake, fish ball, squid and fish fillet.
For a balanced diet, pick your favorite greens!
All set?
 Throw all those ingredients into the mesh and boil them for awhile in the hot pot.
After they're cooked, put into your bowl again and pick your favorite soup.
You can choose between chicken soup and fish soup.
Finish with all these toppings!
This one is with fish soup, and it's quite good I must say.
One good advice: Instead of prawns, take all the fish fillets!
They have like the best fish fillet, yummy even without any seasoning.
Wanted to try both soup so here's a bowl of koay teow with chicken soup
No idea why was the soup unbearably salty...
Anyway, anybody wants dessert?
This tong shui was good but the white fungus was rather hard.
Same goes to the red bean soup, the red bean was disappointingly hard.
Luckily their kuih are nice!
Refused to try the nyonya kuih as I never liked them since
 I was small and again, convinced by Vivian and I didn't regret at all!
Not to forget this yam roll, yummy.
Last but not least, free flow coffee and tea!

Experience this one and only Chinese Buffet every Friday from 7pm to 10pm
RM38 nett for Adult
RM28 nett for Senior Citizen(Malaysians only)
RM23 nett for Child

For reservations or inquiries, call 04 8923333 or check out their website

Credit to Copthorne Hotel and RoundU/Christian Lai for this great opportunity to review.