Weekend getaway in KL

psst, I look like my mom!
Was in KL for this big baby who got into the final, so proud of him.
Wanted to upload pictures of the live set but it's prohibited,
let's not get my blog into trouble.
Of course, besides supporting him, I did the must do in KL:
 But before that, I cosplayed Angelina Jolie at IKEA and adopted
few kids from all around the world. See I'm not racist!
Whenever I go KL, they must bring me to drink.
This time instead of Overtime, we were at Craft Brews Mutiara Damansara.
They have this Rogue beer that I've never seen before.
Fancy flavors like hazelnut and chocolate,
catering people like me who doesn't like the taste of ordinary beer.
Ordered this combo platter:
Caramelized pork, deep fried eggplant and roasted pork wrapped in bacon. 
Fried eggplant was crispy awesome and this is da bomb!
It was the day 美图秀秀launched their effects camera(like finally!),
was playing with the filters and am loving this one!
Anyway, Craft Brews is certainly a great place to chill.
Music isn't loud so there's no need to yell at each other.
十号胡同 in LOT10, heard it's famous so here was I.
It's a heritage food village with a collection of Malaysian and Singaporean authentic street food.
I think it was my first time not ordering coffee when I eat.
Hallelujah said my liver, or whatever that's taking care of whatever I drink.
My beef noodle and Colleen's dai lok mee.
Overall I shall say it's an ordinary food court but air-conditioned.
Recommend to those who hates Malaysia weather but craves for street food.
Got really excited and tried on few pants at UNIQLO, ended up leaving with disappointment.
Strolled around Tokyo Street, had Shimino crepe and it's better than the one at 1-U!
No picture but we had strawberry one, personally think it's better without ice-cream.
Just plain crepe, with fresh strawberries and soft whipped cream!
Met up with Ping at BEN's, will you look at those huge strawberries?
Stay tuned for the review.
My best and only buy in KL, flavored popcorn!

Last but not least,
We don't always take pictures in the toilet. But when we do,
we coincidentally wear the exact same color top, in reverse.


  1. All my fav spot in one.. Nice job..

  2. Oh really? Wanna try those restaurants at Publika though, so many of them!