Coob Coffee, forgotten in the city

Just in case you don't know, or you've forgotten like I did,
there's this place called Komtar Walk in Penang.
Ever since they renovated, I've only visited the place once, for KFC.

Thought there's nothing there, thanks to my colleagues,
I found this restaurant, and I find the name cute!
Extra point was given when I know it's managed by Japanese.
I know I might be contradictory as I'm fanatic of kpop,
 but you might not know that I actually prefer Japanese than Korean.
I took Japanese classes before okay?
Just that I got no idea how did I surf into the Kpop wave all of the sudden..
It means Welcome
and I hope it's in the correct form though.
Warm cozy comfy setting with the aroma of coffee beans
A corner with sofas, perfect place for reading and study dates.
They have this cake set which starts from RM8.90 and
 meal set starts from RM12.90 or so(depends on the drinks you order).
Couldn't decide what to have, so we ordered both!
Vivian's mocha and my cappucino, pretty isn't it?
The milk they use for their coffee is extraordinarily creamy!
 Wanted to try their Korroke but all sold out, I guess I have real bad luck when it comes to this..
Ordered katsu curry instead, not bad but still, not happy for no Korroke luck.
Baked cheese cake, it tasted okay.
Pretty and creative name cards, with every details on them.
A must visit if you're sick of Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
 Or not, just pay a visit.It's worth a visit, or two.
Who knows it's your lucky day when Wong Vivian
is there welcoming you with her super broken Japanese?

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