Piknik, ain't the one at the park

I know it's nothing new but it was my first time visiting, shame on me.
Have been hearing from friends about this place,
so I was here to do some, research? Hah.
It's located at Nagore Road, few houses across Sugar Dynasty.
Warm lighting that calms mind, colorful setting that instantly makes me happy!
 Had a hard time picking what to eat, as the food on the menu was really limited.
My cappucino and Vivian's mocha.
She always have what we usually have for breakfast almost everytime I eat out w/ her.
Sandwiches, English muffins, this time waffle topped w/ eggs, salmon and mayo.
Pumpkin cheesebake. 
Thought it might taste horrible when I saw it on the menu, turned out to be quite good.
Do try their salmon roll, heard it's good! Only knew this from Mich the next day.
Any idea who's that chick?
This old cute steel box for receipt

Something different was, they played not-so-mainstream songs throughout the night.
No idea which band it was, as I only know Radiohead and Death Cab For Cutie.
In a nutshell, great place to chill.
Now let me sway away w/ the disco ball, while Videogame playing at the back.

On a side note, all pictures were taken using iPhone, auto-focus rocks!

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