Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus

Notice: Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus is officially closed
For an old person like me(yes, getting really old),
I'm overwhelmed by the increasing number of places
that appeared out of no where in Penang, especially beer house.
And here I was at CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus, the one located at Tanjung Tokong.
Credit to Gourmet Garden and Cheryl for inviting. 

Disclaimer: I was sick throughout the food review,
so do forgive me if there's any confusion, unclearness or such.

Here are some pictures of the interior:
The atmosphere was warm and surprisingly not hazy at all.
They play jazzy, soft oldies in the afternoon instead of loud club hitz,
one thing I like about this place(and I suggested them The Beatles!)
Oh well, they do play loud music at night.
 So good news to those who wants to put your hands in the ayer.
But most of all, they have darts and pool!
Stairway to heaven, I mean upstairs; Cute wallpaper they have!
It's a non-smoking area, good news for me!

Okay now, why do people love hanging out at beer house?
In my opinion, it's because:
They want to get wasted,they want to mingle, they don't know where to go,
they're heartbroken and they don't want to stay emo at home, they're thirsty,
they're bored, and this is going no where..
But now, who goes to a beer house to get inspiration?
It's hard to not notice those Words of Wisdom on the wall everywhere.
At first I thought it was strange to find these at a beer house
But think about it, maybe they are designed for the lost and the heartbroken,
letting them know that the world is still full of hope and refraining them from,
you know, killing themselves?
Now the name of the place make sense, CHEERS!
But wait, that's just the thing you say before you clang your drinks..

Anyway, to the FOOD!
Homemade Mushroom Soup, RM9.80
Not sure but I think they use smoked mushrooms which makes their soup special.
Most of all, it comes w/ complimentary garlic bread, how great is that?
Fisherman Sensation, RM29.80
Chessy mussels, dory, seabass, and cute little baby octopus w/ garlic butter sauce.
Seafood Chicken, RM31.80
What's weird was it's w/ mandarin orange sauce, but the combination wasn't bad at all!
It's basically baked chicken chop w/ seafood on top and a surprise mashed yam underneath.
Look at the cheesseeeee
Kraby Patty! Nah, I made that up.
Special Jumbo Burger, RM21.80
Super crispy bun spread w/ garlic butter sauce, pork and seafood filling.
Comes w/ coleslaw and me favorite french fries!
BBQ Ribs, RM29.80 
Baked ribs marinated w/ homemade BBQ sauce, same surprise mashed yam underneath too.
Pork knuckles, RM29.80
Served w/ Thai salsa and beer reduction sauce.

Don't really remember the taste as I was getting really sick,
so you gotta try them yourself!
And who knows? You might get your future predicted there!

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