Season of giving

Slow poke is slow.
 So how was everyone's Christmas? :) Work was hectic before the year-end holiday,
and I got really sick on Christmas Eve could you believe that?
Still, mine was great and here's how I celebrated it.
We built a mini Christmas tree from unwanted stuff !
Just fyi, I teach English on Saturday.
Brought the kids on a field trip around the centre looking for materials. Had lotsa fun :)
Me and Sin Ler colored this. Pretty isn't it?
I personally think I'm quite talented at mixing colors HAHA!
Them doodling on the board
The Joget Night, nothing to do w/ Christmas but there was a Christmas tree so I guess
it deserves to be here hah!
w/ Jessica, a gorgeous Australian who loves Vintage.
I heard Jason saying that she wears dresses like that on usual days, how cool is that!
Although macaroon is overrated, but how could you resist the baby ones?!
One of the Christmas trees at office
Derp on L'occitane photo frame hah!
Couldn't afford to get a box for gift exchange, but my doodle skill wasn't that bad right?
At least it was full of hearts!
I got the gift that I was eyeing on, Law of Attraction was working on that day!

Never expected to get these. And not to forget the first intangible gift Yong2 got me.
Thanks for the love! :)
Celebrated the exact day w/ family in Singapore :)
Will you look at the crowd?
And I was thinking
 Then I realized I was one of them too..
Tried really hard to take a good shot w/ the Christmas tree, but failed due to the lighting.
Taken w/ Javin's GF3
So happy that they actually quoted the Bible :)
It's Jesus's birthday, but we humans get all the present. He must be feeling very unfair hah!

Happy Belated Birthday, Jesus!
Thanks for bringing all the joy to the world


  1. i love your dress! the one you wore at Rasa Sayang! where did you get it! xD
    and... i'm JEALOUS!!! CAKESS!!!! *transfat alert!!*

  2. Hey thanks! It comes w/ mustard color too! :D From Little Sewing, have you checked it out w/ Phaik Im yet? :)
    Don't be.. Look at how fat I am now, still jealous? Haha!

  3. Not yet!!! I'm really upset cause I didn't get to go CNY shopping this year!
    After finals, straight start work till CNY eve!
    will it be open on 1st of Feb?

  4. Aww, me too. Haven't really gotten anything for CNY D:
    Hmm should be, why not you text me or something before you go
    so that I could be there to entertain you? :D

  5. yeah! sure! =D but i'll be going over to during weekdays, won't you be working then?
    do DM me your number on twitter or FB =) thanks!