Family time, best time #3

Found this in my draft, created this post 8 months back but never completed it.
So here I am, back to my long, dreadful, overdue Europe trip post.
Yes, I'm not done with it yet. Unbelievable I know.

So this post is about times I spent with my family on the trip.
For Chinese, we spend time on eating.
 Oh well, we even greet each other not by asking
 'How are you?', but 'Have you eaten?'.
Had buffet lunch at this Chinese restaurant in Germany I found exotic.
I was like, finally I could eat something other than pasta!
Not that I hate pasta but, I had it way too often throughout the trip.
The three brothers: The cute one, the awkward and the gangster.
My skinny aunt.
Anybody noticed my eyes' shape changes from time to time?
Okay maybe it was the make-up, or maybe not.
Something I found interesting.
 So this tea was served after meal, everyone was staring into the cup and giggling.
Giggle what?
There was a nude guy in mine. Fully naked which was really obscene and NSFW.
Don't worry, safe mode is always on here.
Not that I'm conservative or what, but why would they want such thing in tea cups?
I mean, shouldn't they design this for beer bottles or shot cups?
 Who would want to be turned on at a Chinese restaurant, seriously?
Anywayyyy, moving on!
Baby-sitting; Watching Spongebob in Swiss German.
They air South Park and Family Guy too, one of many reasons that made me wanna stay forever.
Aunt made Vietnamese for lunch, I can't believe I had Vietnamese for the first time in Switzerland.
And I was totally in love!
Steamboat at home, with loads of beef and salmon!
Original Swiss fondue with too much wine, but very addictive with those button mushrooms and baguette. 
Last but not least, a smile that melts 

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