I know who to keep

Christmas is just around the corner and unpredictably, I'm busier than usual.
So here's a post of my 2 good friends' 21st birthday back in October.
Less words, even less captions. As pictures speak a million words.
And please don't mind me looking horrible though.
Mich's at Northam Hotel.
It was the next day I was back from my trip, exhausted but decided to show up :)
We're friends since like, 14? I hated her so much at first but, things change as we grow.
She's no doubt a good friend to keep, always make time to be my listener :)
She said something touching yet funny to her mom, 
followed w/ a hug which made everyone go aww :)
The legendary Ms Mak, and Thea at the back trying to eat me.
People we spent the night w/.
Surprise party for love at Deluxcious
It was a little too early which lead to confusion hah!
Waited for the princess(she gets all flattered when we call her that) 
for an hour, we were all starving and decided to order w/o her.
But it's worth waiting for the epic shocked face when she entered.
Shurong was the one who planned everything. 
And I love her short hair! Makes me wanna chop off my hair once again..
She almost died blowing off the candles LOL!
Something fun we did that night was sucking helium from the balloons which reminds 
me of the princess who hasn't sent me the videos of our hilarious voice change.
Never even thought we could be friends. 
Wanted to write something touching but let's just skip it hah!
Please do not forget that I sacrificed these stuff that I bought 
all the way from Paris, which I really love, for both of you.
So, appreciate okay?

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