Bye 2011, Hello 2012!

Time really does fly, only yesterday was the time of our lives.

Okay I shall stop quoting lyrics and get serious hah!
So 2011 ended in a blink of eye, it passes so fast that sometimes I lost track of time.
2011 was great I must say, although there were ups and downs.
C'est la vie, nothing is perfect.

Wouldn't it be boring if life goes the exact way you want it to be?

Not sure if somebody made it up to make people like me happy or life's like that.
But to me, it's very true.
If it's just so happen to people that they can have everything w/o making any effort, failing, or falling,
Would they appreciate and be grateful of what they have?
So, just accept what happened. What needs to be happened will happen, and there's always reason behind.

Anyway, to recall what I've achived in 2011, the best one would be the Europe trip :)
It's like dream came true. Never thought this would actually happen to me, not at 21.
Thanks to those who made this happen for me, I'm indeedly grateful.

Although I don't have pictures like those, but at least I've been there done that. Money certainly can't buy you that.

Not to forget the birthday party my dear cousin surprised me w/ the loves of my life.
Thanks to everyone who showed up(not to forget Colleen, Mich and V!), and yes thanks for the gifts!
It certainly made my 21 remarkable :)

And of course, those people who came through my life.
 Some people are here for a season, some for a reason.
No matter what, you gained. Although some of them may left half way, you learned.
Appreciate everyone who came across your life, never regret a thing.

Words of wisdom from my mentor

Have I improved to be a better person? Not sure but, I know I've given in all I could.
But one thing is for sure, I've gained weight.

My new year resolution would be
live life to the fullest,commit to what I've decided to do,
have determination, persistance, courage to take any risks,
ability to attract the right thing, grab all the oppotunities.
And always remember that

The intangibles are greater than the tangibles.

Happy 2012!

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