Just thoughts

I'm not sure if I'm over-worrying, or everyone struggle like I do while they grow up.
All these worries seem endless, and I'd die to know the answers, like, right now.
I know God has his own timing, I shall be patient waiting for him to guide me.
But, how long could I wait?
Anyway, if you think this is about searching for my prince charming, epic fail.

Life's nothing but to strive. They say
'When your life gets harder, you just leveled up'.
Not sure if it's true, but I really hope it is.

But there's still something to be happy about.
Recently I've been stressing myself up w/ all those blog posts debts I need to clear
(not that there are people who checks my blog everyday, hoping I've updated anything though).
And I realized, things have changed compared to back then.
I used to have nothing to blog about, until I had to squeeze my brain juice to come up w/ something.
For example, what movie did I watch, which brand of banana I eat, what's in my purse, new bedsheet, teddy bear and etc.

Now I have lotsa stuff awaiting me to blog about, not a worry of what nonsense I could come up w/
(once again, nobody's expecting me to do that, I'm a masochist, I love stressing myself up).
But at least, it's a good change, isn't it?

Flower w/ moustache that never fails to put a smile on my face :)

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