Flying w/ Singapore Airlines

Hello peeps! I'm back in Penang!
And started to work the next day after my flight, which was a FRIDAY.
I seriously have bad time scheduling and management, who on earth resumes work on a FRIDAY??
Everything was in a mess.
Didn't sleep at all during my 15 hours flight, jet-lag, had to unpack 30+ kgs luggage,sort out souvenirs for colleagues,
wrapping Mich's birthday gift and getting her a card, couldn't get used of Malaysia's hot weather...

Anyway, gone through those piles of pictures I took and realized,
Everything looks the same!
The houses, buildings, lakes and skies.
Of course it was fascinating at first, but later on, I couldn't even recall which place was which place!

So, I've decided to blog about the flight w/ Singapore Airlines, which will sound like a free advert.
Just for the sake of updating my dead blog.
Those fluffy clouds I would love to sleep on!
Flew alone from Penang > Singapore > Zurich
There wasn't anybody sitting beside me. I had all 3 seats to myself!
So you must be thinking, as usual, I would be dozing all the way up in the sky right?
I didn't even nap, I couldn't!
W/ all these tempting food, how am I supposed to sleep??
There were snacks, juices and wine in between too!
Okay, so I planned to sleep w/ my full tummy...
Then I found out there are so many movies that I want to watch!
Cartoons, chick flicks, comedies, all my favorite!
They even have Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother!
Bridesmaids;  Airplane in an airplane,
Even songs, the whole album! Aah memories :)
I almost screamed when I saw this hah!
This is so cool! But it's abit cacat as we usually play it on the PC.
So that quite well explained why I didn't sleep at all right?

Please pick Singapore Airlines if it's in your option!
I was lucky to get the Super Deal, which was only RM2999, 2-ways!
And if you are even luckier, you will be flying w/ Hello Kitty!


  1. Me want Singapore airlines! The foooddd!!!!

  2. And wine! So wasted that I don't like wine!
    This post is meant to tempt you hah!*troll face*