Moontree, Me Gusta!

Look at those colorful houses!
Wanted to come here last time but didn't get to, now finally!
It's located at Muntri Street, few houses away from Mews Cafe.
Loving the nostalgic ambience which reminds me of my grandma, relaxing place to chill.
Oh and not to forget, it's also an art gallery :)
My first visit the other night w/ Yong2 :)
her earl grey, my all-time-fav
omelette and tortilla, oh-so-yummy!
They use homemade yoghurt instead of fattening mayo in the tortilla :)
All of them were only RM32! The best part was,
 no service/government tax!
me day dreaming
Looking serious reading.....
Yes, girls read 9gag too. 

We're lucky that she, The Bobbi Brown winner, who is going to NYC soon,
sharing her secret of How to be Pretty Powerful :)

Inspiring isn't it? Hah!


  1. looks aWESome!!! <3 is that latte? i mean what you're having ^^

  2. Yea it's a nice place indeed, the food wasn't expensive at all :D Yesssss, my all-time-fav always refer to latte hah! I used to drink latte everyday back when I was working at Coffee Bean :)

  3. woots! i'll go check it out with PhaikIm! ^^ thanks!
    O_o!!!! you lucky girl!!! i love Coffee Bean's white choc latte! too awesome!

  4. Yes please do :D
    lucky? I thought you worked at Starbucks and get to have 2 beverages a day right?
    I never liked white choc, idk hah!