test shots

New love P500, thanks Dad!
It's a digital compact, not DSLR. Still prefer DSLR though but not for a dummy like me.
Here are some test shots while I was toying with it, random stuff at home and Daniel's :)
Our final project in Diploma, miss those times!
Lovin' B&W
This mode would be pet portrait hahaha!
36x optical zoom. Spot the red balloon?
It's over there, the tiny little black dot!
 After zooming in; It still could go way beyond this by the way, good or good? :)
Love the Ramadhan theme!
The fun fair at Queensbay
 Panorama shot of Daniel's garden
 Nude pink nails on green green grass
Mashed potato I made for the pot-luck
Pretty prints on my marshmallow! Talented? Hah!

Apart from those, am loving the video features! But still need more time patience to figure it out.
Here are some of them :)

Normal mode; Baby Asher watching TV while Ezra playing Talking Tom

Fast-forward mode; Baby Asher eating real fast

Slow-motion mode; Vincent roaring LOL!

No idea why the quality seems horrible here, it was perfectly fine on the cam.
As mentioned, shall figure it out :)

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