Road-trip to Butterworth

September started with lotsa fun food I shall say.
Went on a road trip to Butterworth since there was a huge crowd at Gurney and Queens area.
It was after the date w/ love @Moontree, just fyi.
My twin looked so excited hah! It was Jun at the front seat :)
The driver would be a porgupine.
My first time to Sunway Carnival Mall :D
Was excited but there wasn't anything much, but was surprised that they have Winter Warmers though.
Had late lunch and talked about K-Poop then off to dinner!

It was my first time to Khuntai too :D
Jimmy's favorite kapppppp
We couldn't find a seat with atap roof :(
Me and Jun taking picture of twins taking picture of us
Even looking at them made me hungry!
I ate too fast and ended up thinking I was going die cause of how bloated I got, seriously.
Vincent's epic usual face shall end this post


  1. I never knew my usual face is lk dat..haha

  2. Yes, you can call that gong bin :D

  3. I think more lk entau bin...haha

  4. Don't think so.. I've came up with a better one, malao bin :D

  5. --.--
    Hahazz..u found out mysecret de