Little Sewing Boutique

Say my name & get 15% discount(on normal price items) at
Little Sewing Boutique
Say what?
Little Sewing Boutique
The very first shop you see once you turn into Chulia Street
at the same row w/ Rainforest Bakery.
Here's a simplified map, ring a bell?
 Services they provide apart from selling clothes(note: custom made not available anymore).
 Not to forget, it's owned by my cousin :)
Outfit for almost every occasions, from
casual to formal,beach,party and more!
 Floral prints
Sequins and studs
The best part: VINTAGE!
 The 2 pieces that I love the most, but too bad, I couldn't carry the feel :(
 Few pieces I tried on; Heels from Agape Boutique; The last piece was tailor-made by my cousin :)
A lot of them in the shop are tailor-made by the way, most of them are Topshop inspired :)

So what are you waiting for? 
Grab some at Little Sewing today! 
Don't forget to do the Destiny's Child 'Say My Name' hah :)


  1. love the final dress!!! *thumbs up*

  2. Thanks :D They have alot of dresses like that, go take a look okay? :)

  3. woots!!! okok!!! been looking for a dress like that! the one that Vivian wore for the Bobbi Brown shoot, i wanted something like that! ha! now i found it!! gonna drag Phaikim to go with me... *happydance* thanks!!!

  4. Haha yea alot of floral patterns to pick from! Don't be overwhelmed hah :D Wow you do almost everything with Phaikim don't you?:)

  5. cause only she can accompany me to go to all these places xD my other gang of friends busy with classes and they don't like to go all to all these vintage small cafes that i love so i bring phaikim go =P