Food Hunt

This post has been saving in my draft for quite some time, finally get to blog about it but it's so overdue now..
The only thing I could say is, #thingsdon'talwayshappenthewayyouwantittobe.
Went on a 2D1N food hunt in Nibong Tebal and Taiping w/ colleagues two weekend ago.
w/ Ai Khim at the back seat :)
 Dozed throughout the whole journey, so wasn't sure how much time did we take to get there heh
First stop: Dry Hokkien Mee
Although I never liked Hokkien Mee, but this is awesome!
(not sure if I was too hungry or it was really awesome....)
Followed by this 猪肉粉,and it was really good!
Attention all TARCians: Look at who I spotted at the back!
Tummy needed a break; Visited this temple, was so excited that we get to shower the tortoise!
This tortoise... Damn that Jerry who deceived us!

Off to eat again after those burning and praying
These were kind of dissapointing, but the prawn cracker was great
 Here we are at the main attraction spot in Taiping :D
Almost all of the lotus were dead, only some of them were on the way to blossom.
Guess we went at the wrong time..
 Jimmy, Jerry, Ai Khim :)
Surronded by purple petals!
Jimmy was going to do breakdance hah!
Dinner at Ai Khim's dad's stall; Blackpepper chicken was really black!
 Went on a stroll at the mall and Tesco later on to digest all those food..
Was craving for coffee and dessert, dropped by this cafe La Promise
This place is like heaven in hell for us, never thought they have cafe like this in Taiping.
The best part was, they have free WiFi access hah! #hallelujah
Cakes were great and unbelievably cheap, only RM4.70 for one.
When I say great, I'm comparing w/ those at Ritz.
all-time-fav again :)
Shared ghost stories and surfed the net awhile,then we took a slow drive to Taiping lake again.
It was Mooncake Festival and there was a crowd at the park.
Colorful lanterns were hanging on the trees, so beautiful!
Too lazy to get off the car, off to Ai Khim's bro's place to... 
cuddle these snowzer babies! They're soooo cute and it was the first time in my life 
holding/cuddling/playing w/ puppies for hours!
the dad would never stopped barking, and maybe licking.
Look at how they sleep! Aww.......
It was almost 1am, headed back to Ai Khim's residence and the long long day ended.
Breakfast at the market the next day, miss this bee hoon so much!
Didn't take any groupie besides this.
Jimmy was distracted by how-to-hold-the-cam, there goes a smiley on his face hah!
Awesome trip I shall say, except that I got virus infection in my right eye before we headed back!
It wouldn't stop rolling tears once I opened my eyes, but thank God it's alright now :)

Thanks to Jerry for driving us around and Ai Khim  for the shelter to sleep in!
Can't wait for another road-trip :)

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