Nyonya Buffet @Terrace Bay Copthorne Hotel

Ciao a tutti!
I am back with another food review :)

Terrace Bay @Copthorne Hotel, the one just beside Toy Musuem.
This actually happened a night before the Rasa Sayang brunch,
I'm going to be so fat! In fact, I already am.

Anyway, back to the buffet dinner!

It's like how we used to visit granny every Sunday, she would cook all those
Nyonya delicacies which made us so bloated, in a good way :)

Asam prawn, Sotong Masak Lemak and Asam Pedas Ikan Pari.
So irresistible!

This Chicken Kapitan Curry was disappointingly watery

Kiam Chye Ark Thng and Chicken Lor Bak were the best of that night!
Not to forget their otak-otak too(sorry forgot the picture), best I ever had so far!

I'm quite a fan of broccoli and cauliflower, but theirs were too soft

Mang Kuang Char 

Acar Awak

The awesome fried chicken and pie-tee!

Salad including jellyfish salad, Jiu Hu Char, Kerabu Bok Nee

Their Asam Laksa, so good seriously!
And you can have fun cooking the noodles and putting your own liao hah.
Did you know that laksa is ranked
7th Most Delicious Food IN THE WORLD on CNN?
So proud of Malaysia! Sadly, the one and only thing to be proud of..

Oh well, here comes the dessert!

Bubur Cha Cha and Kuih Ee, so-so only :(
They should serve ice-cream though..

Not to forget these Nyonya kuih which Javin might sapu all the blue ones!

The dishes they served are worth way more than RM35!
Those who are fans of Nyonya food should really give it a try :)
That day I was 'distributing' the flyers at my office,
didn't dare to give my big boss though..
He saw that, came over to ask what where and how much and
told me it's so cheap and he's definitely going!

Lesson of the day:
Never judge a book by its cover.
Okay I got no idea what does that have to do with the scenario LOL
I mean, don't have a single doubt on what you do,
Don't be afraid to approach your boss, even the big one.
You might be surprised, a good one indeed!

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