Heelarious dates with love

Speaking about fate, sadly,we don't have it.
Whenever she came back to Penang,
I would either be busy or in KL!
But of course, fate isn't cruel to us all the time.
Here are some pictures of our rendezvous ;)
*I just have to make this whole thing so sick*

Chillin' at Sega Gurney, this was months ago;
My all-time-fav cafe latte and her big breakfast which
she claimed that it isn't big and there goes the whole lotsa left-overs.

my heels and electric blue nails ♥
Now, do you get my post title?

that's Vivian with her heels,red-hot-nails and shiny legs

had great times talking about Rumi Neely, awesome blogs, clothes etc.
Dont judge that by my face okay? I was paying full attention
on what she asked me to check out.

A date at Delicious Straights Quay; Spontaneous plan, glad that I made it :)
By the way, this was just last week! And it has nothing to do with heels.
The restaurant just opened not long ago, therefore the crowd.
We waited for like 10 mins for the waiter to entertain us.

Her turkey ham sandwich

Still, the all-time-fav :)

My napolicious which has an awesome inner beauty! Get it?
By the way, she's one of the top 8 finalist for Bobbi Brown contest!
Check her blog out for more!

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